Home Insurance 


The purchase of your home is probably your greatest, single investment you will ever make. Why would you risk not protecting your home against damage and loss or damage to your personal belongings?  

I can provide and advice and recommendation service from a range of known providers in the marketplace as well as a 'Gold' referral service, where a specialist team of advisers will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements before making a suitable recommendation to you. 

Buildings Insurance 

Buildings insurance is a mandatory requirement by all lenders and will need to be in place by the 'exchange of contracts' stage. This is when you are legally responisble for the property. Buildings insurance covers the main structure of your home. For example, if your house was to burn down, subside or suffer damage by extreme weather, the policy would cover the cost of repair or re-build. Additional extras can be included on the policy for an additional cost, for example, accidental damage.

Contents Insurance 

Contents Insurance covers the value of your belongings in or away from your home. Your personal possessions are important, have created many memories and may have sentimental value attached. Insuring your personal belongings against accidental damage or theft isn;t mandatory buy may be somethign you wish to have for peace of mind.


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