How I work

My bespoke service offers an 'advice, recommendation and implementation' process to provide a  tailored solution to every client.

Any solution that I recommend is regularly reviewed to ensure the product continues to meet your expectations and remains on track to fulfil your needs.


In order to achieve this, I take every client through the following six stage journey:

Step 1 - Initial Consultation 


This is where I identify personal needs and objectives and establish what benefit my services would provide you with. I disclose the full service offering and any associated costs. The initial consultation is a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. 



Step 2 - Fact Find


To provide you with the most suitable recommendation, it is important I fully understand every client and what they wish to acheve. This starts off by completing a full fact find gathering personal information that my recommendation will be based on. Any existing arrangements in place will also be discussed as thiese will form part of a complimentary review service (detailed under Step 6) to ensure policies remain suitable:


Protection Planning

An assessment of your existing protection arrangements and identifying if there is any  protection shortfalls.


Mortgage review

A review of your existing mortgage and to compare to current mortgage rates to ensure you aren't overpaying on monthly mortgage repayments. 



Step 3 - Research


I will then be able to carry out thorough mortgage and protection research on providers, products and rates to identify the most suitable solution to help achieve your future goals.



Step 4 - Report & Recommendation


I then report back with the full research carried out on your behalf and I present my recommendation. If required, this will include specific product solutions that will support you in achieving your future goals. 



Step 5 - Implementation


This stage begins once I have your agreement from the ‘Recommendation’ stage. The ‘Implementation’ stage involves arranging and putting in place my recommended solution(s) on your behalf, whether a mortgage or protection policy. I act as the intermediary between the product provider/lender and you.



Step 6 - Review Service 


An on-going relationship with my clients has always been integral to my business. I believe this adds significant value to the service I offer. Depending on your circumstances will depend on how frequent the policy is reviewed.


I offer a complimentary initial review and monitoring service for all mortgages and protection policies.


The purpose of this stage is to monitor your arrangements to ensure these continue to meet your expectations and objectives.




Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Buy-to-Let mortgages.


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